Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 Tips and Tricks

by Carl A. Von Papp

Over 100 Articles for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

    Located in this section are all the Windows 10 Tips and Tricks. Each month I will add more articles that will cover Windows 10. Some of these articles will also cover Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.

For information on Windows 10 see the hyperlink "The Differences between Windows 8.1 and 10" below.

    Links to Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

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Windows 10 Tips and Installation!

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Build 10041!

Here's How Windows 10 Upgrade Will Work'!

The Latest Information on Windows 10'!

The May, 2015 Windows 10 Build - 10122'!

Windows 10 Build 10130- The Latest-May 30'!

The Differences Between Windows 8.1 and 10'!

15 Hidden Windows 10 Features!

Windows 10 Adds Microsoft Wi-Fi!

Windows 10 is Spying on you!

Windows 10 Edge How to Delete Browsing History!

Dropping Support for Internet Explorer!

Windows 10 Edge Casting Feature!

Windows 10 How to Turn on Edge Favorites Bar!

Windows 10 Auto Update Problem!

Windows 10 Logo Plus G Key!

Windows 10 What Are Edge Extensions!

Windows 10 How to Use the Fingerprint Reader!

Windows 10 Little Known Password Information!

15 Windows 10 Tools!

A UEFI Primer!

The Difference Between FAT32-exFAT & NTFS!

How to Stop Ads!

How to Reclaim your Privacy!

What is Secure Boot!

When Will your SSD Die!

A Brief History of Windows!

Happy Birthday USB!

In Windows 8 Create a Picture Password!  

Which version of Windows 8 is best for you!

The Windows Registry!

The Windows Logo Key And Enable the Hibernate Mode!

Use the Cleanmgr to more deeply remove junk from your computer!

The Two Methods of Burning a CD/DVD Disk!

Using WMIC and Activate the GodMode for Windows 7 and 8!

How Your Hard Drive is Configured!

Curtail long boot times!

Device Encryption!

More Infomation on Disabling Unwanted Services!

Don't use your Administrator account to enter the Internet!

The Reliability Monitor!

The new Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death!

Using the Safe Mode for Windows 7!

Using the Safe Mode for Windows 8!

How to Start your Own Web Site!

Make Windows 7-8 Super Fast!

Remove Indexing!

Use the Problem Steps Recorder for Troubleshooting!

How to Use the Safe Mode!

What is SmartScreen?!

More on the Device Manager!

It's OK to be Paranoid on the Internet'!

How to control your Cloud Storage!

MBR vs GUID Disks!

Convert your computer to a DVR!

12 Great Windows 8 Apps!

Install Android on your PC!

Four Dropbox Alternatives!

Some Google Drive Tools!

Information on the CryptoLocker!

How to Keep Anyone from Highjacking your WI-FI!

How to Restore your SSD to Peak Performance!

Windows 8.1-The Start Menu is Coming Back!

Windows 8.1-The Third Times the Charm!

A Beginners Guide to Bitlocker!

How to Create a Password Reset Disk!

What are Bitcoins!

All About the new Comcast Hotspots!

What's New for Dropbox!

How Miracast Works!

How to Install Windows Without a Disk or CD Key Code!

How to Check for Malware on a Flash Drive!

Windows 10 is catching up to 8.1!

Windows 10: 21 Tips and Tricks!

Windows 10 Installs Without Asking You!

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts!


Windows 10 Nov 2015 Update!

More Windows 10 Nov Update!

Windows 10 Safe Mode!

Windows 10 DOS Commands!

Windows 10 Activation Headaches!

Windows 10 Cut Boot Times!

Windows 10 Reclaim Hard Drive Space!

Windows 10 Disk Cleanup!

Windows 10 Anniversary Update!

Windows 10 Anniversary Update on Small Hard Drives!

Windows 10 Anniversary - Log in using your face, finger, or eye!

Windows 10 Anniversary - Quick Assist!

Windows 10 Anniversary - What's gone!

Some Simple Tricks for Windows 10 you Might Have Missed!

A Micro SD Card Rating System for Mobile Devices!

Get Windows 10 Free!

Use Disk Manager to change drive letters!

Use DOS to troubleshoot your computer!

Remove a PC from your Account in the Windows Store!

Another Way to Use System Restore for Windows 7!

Why Windows 8 Dosesn't Fully Power Down'!

Prevent Firewall Nagging!

Using the Hidden Disk Cleanup and Using the Alt+Tab Key!

How to Create a Recovery Drive!

All About Location Sensors!

Bypass the Windows 8 Logon Screen!

A Tutorial on the Hypertext Markup Language 5!

How to Use System Restore!

Using Dual Boot for Windows 7-8!

Better ways to Shutdown your Computer!

How to Use the Device Manager!

Add a Start Button to Windows 8!

How to Optimize an SSD!

Windows 8.1 Has Tons of New Features!

What to do if your System is Stuck!

How to Uninstall a Dual Boot System!

What does the Term Virtual Mean?!

Add your own Wallpaper Images to the Desktop!

How to Create an Image of your Hard Drive-Windows 8!

What to do if you Forgot your Password!

What to do if your Hotmail account got hacked!

How to rip and convert your movies!

All About Skydrive and SharePoint!

What is the Credential Manager!

The App-Winpatrol can be Used to Extend the Life of XP!

Windows 8.1-25 Hidden Features!

Windows 8.1-Bring Back the Libraries!

Windows 8.1-Eradicate Metro!

Windows 8.1-Refresh your Files!

Windows 8.1-Two Factor Authentication!

Windows 8.1-Two Step Verification!

Windows 8.1-Vanishing Act!

End Unlimited Data Plans!

Using Malwarebytes to Protect your Computer!

When your Free Cloud Storage Fills Up!

How to Rip Music Using the Media Player!

Windows 8.1-15 Hidden Tools & Tricks!

Windows 8.1-Avoid Unwanted Programs!

Windows 8.1-How to Calibrate your Monitor!

Windows 8.1-There isn't Just One GodMode!

Windows 7 Exits Main Stream Support!

How to Defend yourself from Ransomware!

How to Use the System File Checker!

How to Use Microsoft's Baseline Security Analyzer!

How to Find your Wireless Password!

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