Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

by Carl A. Von Papp

Try my friends site

    Don Edrington, my lifelong friend runs his own web site. I highly recommend that you visit his site. The things you will find there are very interesting:

    Things you will find on PCDon’s site
  • Music of all types—Big Band, Country, and Latin
  • Troubleshooting your computer
  • Stories about Don, my wile, Sophia and I when we were very young—just after we were discharged from the U.S. Army during the Korean War. We did some wild things then
  • A monthly newsletter which covers all kinds of help using your computer
  • Free programs and services
  • Plus more
    An interesting note -- I think: Don and I met in Junior High in Hollywood. We were both interested in Magic so we were drawn together with the same interests. In 1977 we both got interested in computers and the rest is history. I taught at Bellevue College the computer sciences and Don created his very own web site. Don also writes about computers for a San Diego newspaper.

To get to my friends web site, go to:

Go to PCDon!