Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks

by Carl A. Von Papp

Changing Colors of Text for Office 2007-2010-2013!

Inserting Clipart for Office 2007-2010-2013!

Using Sparklines-Excel - Part 1!

How to use Sparklines in Excel - Part 2!

Getting Started with Office!

Most Office Inovations are Online!

New Tools for PowerPoint!

Do it Yourself Tools-Publisher!

Some New Excel Features!

How to Create Labels Using Word 2010 and 2013!

All about using the 3D Reference function with Excel!

Excel 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts!

Office ONLINE vs. Office 365!

Track changes in Microsoft Word without going insane!

How to create labels using Word Mail Merge!

15 Excel Keyboard Shortcutsfor Office 2013 & 2016!

Meet Office 2016 Online Sway!

Give Projects a Creative Look!

Put your Data to Work!

How to use Conditional Formatting in Excel!

Howto use the IF Function in Excel!

How to use Pivot Tables in Excel!

How to Record Macros in Excel!

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